The Core

The Core
Written and Directed by Andrew McPherson and Sofia Calmicova
Created for Drunken Chorus‘s Drunken Nights III event.

Two individuals are trying to connect in a world where communication proves difficult. Uttering the first few words, trying to get to know each other, becoming intimate: An adventure we all go on when we start a new relationship. Communication is the core of the world we live it and yet we all find ourselves struggling with it so often. ‘He’ and ‘She’ don’t use words, but sounds, gesture and fruit (yes indeed) to venture into this void, filling it with their inner selves and creating a common “language”.

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~  “A truly lovely performance which takes the audience in many directions in a short space of time. Visually and symbolically interesting without flirting with twattiness. I loved it”  – (Gabby Peeters) ~

~  “A beautifully simple story finely executed with the clever use of edible props and gentle humour. The Core will make you smile without a doubt.”  – (James Hall) ~