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Theatre is a special place, institution, life and world. Sometimes, I feel that on stage I can breathe as deeply as nowhere. Never mind, studios, which are often a black box, because many colours and light evolve through the actors´, directors´, technicians´, and eventually the audience´s presence and work. I have experienced theatre in different environments and cultural circumstances. Starting with my childhood, when my grandmother took me to see children’s plays. It was pretty cold in the theatres in Moldova, but I have never gone without a fan in my hand, subconsciously playing the role of a “grand dame.” Then moving to Germany and acting at JES Theatre in Stuttgart to then living one year in the US and working on performances at The Studio Theatre, in Washington DC. I consider it a gift to go through artistic processes, while having different cultures, mentalities and attitudes around. Therefore I am exhilarated to have practised Balinese Drama, Kecak, Noh Theatre, Indian Dance and Commedia Dell’Arte. The stage gives the opportunity to live, think, feel and act in many different ranges of life and that is what motives and excites me. 

“Sofia is one of the most creative and unique human beings I’ve encountered in my many years of work all over the world. She is a true artist. If anyone out there EVER has the chance to work with her, don’t let it slip through your fingers – she is a wonder.” – Nicolas Logue

“Sofia internalized acting tasks, roles and text parts with grand talent. Her capability to abstract and intensify certain theatrical workflows is remarkable. Not to mention her great presence on stage.” – Günter Kömmet

“Sofia is a responsible and talented young professional and a trustworthy individual.” – Ramiro Silveira