Written and Directed by Sofia Calmicova

2012 at Clifftown Studios, Southend-on-Sea for Faceache Theatre

A melancholic Pianist, a rather unusual Angel and Three Eggs.
/aɪ/ is exploring the madness a human goes through, when living life. Pianist is playing his
familiar tune and sharing his deepest desires and pains, while Angel is amusing herself and others.
The chicks hatch: Rationalist, Romantic and Nihilist trying to make the first steps.
They realize no one found an answer to the most profound questions of them all:
“What was there first the chicken or the egg?”

~   “Made me reposition myself within my life”   ~
~   “After watching /aɪ/  I know it was the egg”   ~
~   “Surreal, Abstract and Thoughtful – Just how I like it”   ~